Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get Gorgeous, Splitsvilla

Shows such as Get Gorgeous (on Channel V) & MTV’s Splitsvilla are an example of reality TV at its lowest best. What’s sad is both shows depict women in a HORRENDOUS light while the nation watches agape & men have the last laugh.

I’m not a loyal viewer of either of these shows but managed to catch a couple of episodes. Get Gorgeous was down to three finalists who’re in Paris doing photo-shoots with a French fashion photographer. These women would be walking down the streets together, sharing a table during lunch etc. yet in the very next frame they would be bitching about each other! And how!! They even call each other ‘bitches’ on the show. I really wonder how they manage to pull it off. I believe the tag line of the show is ‘Sexy. Naughty. Bitchy’ so they’re playing up to it but really, how low can you scoop? There’s nothing even remotely ‘sexy’ or ‘naughty’ about them but the bitchiness is in abundance.

Ditto for Splitsvilla. First of all, I find the very concept of the show extremely retarded & degrading to women. The men reading this post should not even try telling me that it’s just a show & I should take it with a pinch of salt ya di ya da. We all know it’s not just a show…the implications run deeper given the target audience for the show (i.e., impressionable teenagers & college-going crowd).

The show claims to have 20 “hot” girls compete with each other to woo 2 “hot” guys. Not one of the girls is anywhere close to being hot. They are all really ordinary looking & they’re there making complete fools of themselves on national TV!! And the guys! Let’s not even discuss the guys. They aren’t even worth a second glance, forget being worth wooing.

Treachery, sabotage, cat-fights, politics, back-stabbing, bitching, scheming are all you get to see on the show. And the girls stooping to unimaginably low levels to win over the guys, only to be kicked out of the show by the same guys for the lamest of reasons! The only episode I watched had the girls trying to find some stupid plastic hearts in a pool of bubble bath. They were clawing each other in there!!

The show is in real bad taste. As a woman, I, for one, would never have endorsed such a show (wonder what made Ayesha Takia attend the launch party of the show) let alone participate in it.

One girl will win either of these shows while the rest will go home completely humiliated (especially in the case of Splitsvilla). But even the winner has to face herself in the mirror every morning. Hope she’s able to stand to look at herself, for will she have any self-respect left after the spectacle she’s been part of & has manipulated and schemed enough to win?


Moonshine said...

I have only heard about Splitsvilla.. But i can very well imagine.. what an exercise in humiliation it would be!!! The more humiliating it is, the higher the TRPs i guess!!!!! And like you said. what will the winner be thrilled about? Its not even a singing show or something wherein you can at least talk about utilisation of talent!!!!! She would be thrilled about... winning over another "no"body who deigned to come on the show.. and rate girls????????????? Why do ppl do all this? Why do they want to be known as someone who was a part of this? What kind of fame will they get???

Scarlett said...

It's a horrendous show, watch one episode u'll know what I'm talking about. No guy, no matter how hot he might be, is worth getting humiliated like that for. That too on national television! And the two guys on the show are real losers!!

Moonshine said...

A must see i am sure!!!! :-)

Abhishek said...

I agree.. I saw one episode and I found it stupid. They have been adapted from American shows and I find it really disgusting the way women get potrayed in them! Its like going back in time when Kings had a 100 women to choose from or get married to! Stupid shit! I dunno where do those people who fight for Womens Liberation disappear when it comes to voicing discontent against such things!!!

burizadokanyon said...

The show was no doubt very bithcy... but then ppl liked it. and truly the girls werent that gr8 but i think that guy, the one who won the show was smart. the other one wasa total jerk. lol. neways i think compared to this radies is amazing.. but BIGBOSS is the biggest "PITA"...hahahaha